Wednesday, 3 October 2012

iPhone Apps for Internet Marketers

The iPhone is a lifesaver! It is a technological marvel, a trendsetter, a leader and an innovator in the cellphone industry. It is, by far and wide, one of the most useful piece of modern technology out there!

The iPhone app library is impressive, to say the least; it now has over 700,000 apps for the iOS platform – a number that is on the rise. The good news is that there’s also a large number of great apps for internet marketers and SEO’s available out there.

In light of the recent release of the iPhone 5, we’ll look at some of the best iPhone apps for IMs:

1. Google Search: Provides one-stop access to the best search engine in the world. Very handy when you want immediate access to any of Google’s services (as it comes with link to all of Google’s other apps), and especially the search engine. Allows you to search by voice or even through your iPhone’s camera (aka. Google goggles)!

2. HootSuite: The complete – and quite possibly, the best – social media dashboard. Hoostsuite (for desktop) allows you to easily add and manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts from a single window. The iPhone app however is limited only to Twitter, but allows you to generate customized reports about your social media activity, and hence easily manage all aspects of your online portfolio and your social media KPIs from a single window.

3.  Tweetdeck: A good alternative for HootSuite (not the best though). Tweetdeck works for both Twitter and Facebook, works well out of the box and is pretty quick as well. It allows you to manage an unlimited number of Facebook and Twitter accounts through a single window, send out updates to selected profiles or all profiles, and of course, schedule updates to be sent out at a later stage as well.

4. PayPal: Yes, the name gives it away, doesn’t it! The PayPal app for iPhone lets you manage your Paypal account on the go, by letting you send and request money, check your balance, withdraw or receive funds, view your transaction history, and get easy access to a whole host of tools to manage your online account.

5. Analytics App: An all-round terrific app for accessing Google Analytics on the iPhone. Once set up with your Google Analytics, the app provides a quick overview of your website’s health, as well as detailed reports for as many as 55 different metrics – including visitor, traffic and content reports.

6. Dropbox: Dropbox is a fantastic service; it allows you to sync any and all your files across many different platforms, such as your desktop, laptop and cellphone. Dropbox for iPhone plays the same function, it allows you to (a) save and sync files that you might want to access on a different platform later on, and (b) access files (such as images, PDFs, blog posts, etc) that might be present in your Dropbox storage already.

7. Wordpress: If you’re blogging on the Wordpress platform, this little app will be a godsend and something that you absolutely must have on your iPhone. The Wordpress app is quick, and lets you manage an all of your Wordpress blogs individually, and conveniently. You can read and edit posts, pages and comments on your blog, and it all comes in pretty handy when you’re on the move.

8. SEO Pro: A great SEO app that lets you monitor various extremely important aspects of your SEO and marketing efforts, such as indexed pages, alexa rank, PR, backlinks, social media ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ (among other social media metrics), and the like. I should add that the app is pretty quick too!

9. Blogger: The Blogger app is like a Google Blogger alternative of the Wordpress app. It basically lets you do all the same things as its competitor: manage your Blogger blog in short. You can use it to view and edit your posts, publish new posts, add pictures and labels, and of course, manage multiple Blogger account easily on-the-go.

10. Reeder: An excellent RSS aggregator app on the iPhone. Instantly syncs your RSS feeds and allows you to read up on the latest posts and keep up with the happenings in the industry.

11. GoToMeeting: Attend meetings or webinars no matter where you are in the world, by simply using the iPhone’s excellent front-facing camera. All you need is the link to the meeting (via email) or the meeting ID number and you’ll be able to attend it easily, as well as access all sorts of information about the meeting.

12. Evernote: Last but most certainly not the least by any means, is Evernote. If you’re already using it, you’ll know what an excellent, gem of an app this is. If not, I suggest you get this immediately. Evernote functions in the same way as Dropbox does, by synchronizing your data ‘on-the-cloud’ so that it is accessible to your no matter where you are in the world or whatever platform you might be using to access this info. However where it differs from Dropbox is the fact that it allows you to record, store and sync so much more than just a few file formats; you can use it to record audio files, make to-do lists, as well as record and share all sorts of information.

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